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    Are you interested in adding Christmas Light Installation to your current business? Do you need another revenue stream to help retain employees year round? Christmas/Holiday light installation services is a very fast growing and profitable add on service for a lot of companies. The intensity and duration of the season makes getting professional training crucial. Unlike most businesses where you can learn and adjust as you go from quarter to quarter, Christmas Lights is such a short window that you cannot afford to learn as you go. Professional training is the vital difference between a ho hum Charlie Brown season, and an epic Buddy the Elf season.
    WeLightStuffUp staff has been in the industry 4+ years and has continued to provide rapid growth in a challenging and relatively uncultivated market.  We offer 1 and 2 day training options starting at $1000. Part 1 will be primarily classroom training discussing marketing, sales, basic costs, startup needs, pitfalls to avoid etc.  General pricing guidelines/recommendations will be discussed as well.  Part 2 is the technical training.  Some portions will be done in our dedicated prep station, followed by doing an actual installation. Measuring and pricing multiple houses, creating packages, etc.
    We have had multiple people and companies visit for in person training, and the value and learning curve reduction has been tremendous.  Being able to go from newbie to confident and competent in 2 days is a HUGE help.  This will boost your confidence when bidding jobs, improve installation efficiency and easily transition into a successful launch.
    This hands on crash course in lights is the difference between struggling through your first season to survive vs running a profitable 1st season. 
    All training is done by appointment only at our shop in Delmar, MD.  Pricing starts at $1000 for in person training for one person.  $1750 for 2 people.   Depending on the situation we may travel to YOU and provide training to your entire team (Only available January-August).  In season single day training available for $750.  These single day training opportunities will be more hands on time vs classroom.  Rates subject to change, other restrictions may apply. 
    To request a date for training.  Please fill out the form below. Email us @ with the following information. 

  • Name
  • Business name
  • Business location/city/region/address
  • Contact number
  • Email address
  • Type of training interested in
  • Describe your current business offerings, revenue, scale etc.
  • What is your primary goal of attending the training?
  • How many people will be attending?

    How to get here? Salisbury has a small airport that flies to Charlotte NC and Philadelphia.   Baltimore and DC airports are 2-3 hour drive to Salisbury.   9156 Ocean Highway Delmar, MD 21875

    Course cost includes breakfast and lunch both days. Course materials, pricing worksheets, product samples etc.

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