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#1 Christmas Light Installation in the Delmarva Peninsula

Give Your Family The Best Christmas Ever

With Christmas fast approaching, now is a great time to start thinking about your Christmas lights and decorations! At We Light Stuff Up, we offer the ultimate Christmas light installation on Delmarva. Our installation and supply services will brighten up your home in an instant. Our high-grade lights and classy decorations will spread joy, make your home look awesome, and give your family the best Christmas ever. With so many things to organize for the holidays, being able to entrust this part to a professional, affordable, and reliable company like We Light Stuff Up will make your life so much easier!

Getting a Quote Only Takes 30 Seconds

Our Delmarva Christmas Light Installation Is All Inclusive

Our Entire Process Explained In 5 Steps

1. Free Custom Design & Quote

One of the biggest benefits of hiring We Light Stuff Up for your Christmas light installation is that we offer a free custom design option for all our customers. This means that whether you have an idea about what style and design you’d like and none at all, we can help you. Our professional team will work with you to help you choose the best lights for your home. You’ll also get a free quote for the final design before any work begins.

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2. We Provide All Lights & Supplies

Once you have settled on the design and style, you don’t have to do anything else. We supply all the lights, decorations, and anything else needed. You don’t have to buy anything, source anything, or supply anything. Everything your home needs is fully provided by We Light Stuff Up. Using our company means that all the hassle and rush of buying the lights is completely out of your hands.

3. Safe & Professional Installation

All of our crew members are fully trained and equipped for the job. We ensure that your home is in safe hands during the installation process, and you won’t have to experience any risk or damage to your property. Additionally, since our company is insured, you and your home have extra protection. Our safe and professional installation can’t be beaten.

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4. Free Maintenance Calls If Needed

To ensure you get the perfect Christmas with our lights, we offer free maintenance calls if needed. While our lights are professional-grade and you’ll rarely encounter a problem, if something does go wrong, such as a blown bulb or a family member accidentally knocks a light out of place, we’ll happily come and rectify the situation for free. We’ll be on hand to ensure your lights are always in working order.

5. Safely Remove & Store Everything

Once the holidays are over, it’s time for the lights to come down. Our team will come and remove them just as efficiently and carefully as they installed them, keeping your home out of harm’s way. We also store the lights safely in our own facilities, ready for next year to save you from having to use your own storage space. You’ll never again have to take up space in your home or garage with boxes full of lights.

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Make Your Home The Talk Of The Neighborhood

Professional Christmas Light Installation Delmarva Peninsula

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Christmas Light Installation Delmarva

Prompt, professional and courteous. The Christmas light installation was worth every dollar spent. The installers were spot on. I would highly recommend We Light Stuff Up. ​

Richard Owens

Christmas Light Installation Delmarva Peninsula

The company and personnel responded quickly and professionally to our request. They did great work giving us a beautiful display, far better than I did in the past The result also is neat such that you must search for the wiring and connections. We look to work with them again. I highly recommend their Christmas Light Installation service

David Mitchell

Christmas Lighting in Delmarva

The lights are awesome! This is our second year using We Light Stuff Up Christmas Lighting service and we are very pleased with the outcome and professional service. I am happy to recommend them. ​

John Dicarlo

Frequently Asked Christmas Lighting Questions

Yes, we do! At We Light Stuff Up, we provide a fully comprehensive service, meaning we take care of every single part. Our professional and affordable Christmas light installation on Delmarva is here to do it all. This includes removing the lights once the holidays are over. We’ll come at a time that suits you and swiftly and carefully remove the lights without causing a disturbance to your day.

Yes! We understand that sometimes things go wrong. Perhaps a bulb breaks or starts flickering. You might even have a pet that accidentally knocks the lights out of place. Whatever happens, you can be assured that you can call us, and we’ll come straight out to solve the issue.

At We Light Stuff Up, we don’t only offer Christmas lights for your home; we offer them for your landscaping as well. Our expert Christmas light installation on Delmarva covers lights, decorations, and more for your garden. Meaning you can light up your home, your lawn, or both! Whatever you choose, we’ll be here to help you find the perfect design!

Christmas Light Installers Millsboro DE body imageIt goes without saying that an outdoor holiday lighting installation will require weather-resistant sealant, but there are other considerations to take into account outside of the electrical connection.

First, choose a location for your lights. Make sure the spot is well-lit and has a power outlet nearby.

Next, remove the light strand from its packaging and plug it into the outlet. If there are any problems with the light strand, such as broken or missing bulbs, contact the retailer where you purchased it.

Now, hang the light strand on the desired surface. Most light strands do not come with hooks or clips that make this easy to do, so make sure to have clips that will support the weight of your lights.

If you want to create a more festive look, drape the light strand across trees, bushes, or fences. Just be careful not to overload electrical circuits by using too many strands of lights at once.

Christmas light installation is not something to be taken lightly! It’s easier than you think for wires to become crossed and bulbs to be broken when performing this process yourself. Plus, professional Christmas light installation services are more skilled at running power cords neatly between two or three branches of a Christmas tree or through walls – if they’re doing it right, you’ll hardly ever notice them there. This way they can create cleaner lines and sharper shadows with electric lights (and no tangled extension cord).

Here at We Light Stuff Up we do the installation for all of your needs. We provide a solution for all your  Christmas light hanging service needs. We have a group of professionals standing by to take care of any and all types of electrical work, so you don’t have to worry! We specialize in every type of electrical job from installing new fixtures to fixing old ones, so if there is anything our specialists can’t help you with, they’ll always do their best to find someone who can! We’re more than happy go as far as we need to make sure the customer is completely satisfied. We also offer up-to-date holiday light installation on residential or commercial properties.

Christmas lighting is not overly difficult if the space being illuminated is within a few feet of an electrical socket. First remove any existing exterior light fixture, then measure and cut one or two strings of lights to fit the space to be lit. There are many ways to secure the ropes on which they are strung, including use of zip ties, staples, tacks or nails. Our outdoor Christmas light decoration team can take care of all of it for you!

Thanks to Ryan at Lights All Year in Georgia for this wonderful information!

Finding a reputable holiday lighting company can be difficult. Look for a company that has a good reputation, licenses and insurance. Be wary about going with a company that has bad reviews or has never done any work in your city before. Also, ask them upfront how much it will cost you because prices can drastically vary between reasonably priced and ridiculously expensive companies. Lastly, check out their past projects on their website or portfolio so you get an idea of what type of style they offer when working with lights.

1 Christmas Light Installation in the Delmarva PeninsulaThe cost of a residential Christmas light installation varies by company and how many strings you need us to put up.

Keep in mind that some companies will charge a “minimum call” fee based on the labor costs assumed during the first visit to assess your preferences and calculate an estimate before returning with installation equipment.

Materials prices depend on the size of lights, quality of product, setup requirements, etc., but are usually between $1-5 each (for small cord style).


The market for companies that install Christmas lights is huge. There are many such companies, and online research will quickly reveal quite a few. The best part about hiring one of these many lighting installation companies? You can have them do the work for you or provide you with an estimate for what it would cost if you were to go out and find all the lights yourself! It’s a great time saver! So if this interests you, be sure to take advantage of the many benefits offered by businesses who offer this service.

If you are looking for someone to decorate your home for the holiday season, then a Christmas light decorating company may be right for you. Typically, these companies charge by the job rather than by time of labor. Also, remember that there are great deals on generic light bulbs this year so if you do decide to hire one out make sure your estimate includes what they will charge per bulb. When choosing a company it is important to consider if they have experience in your area, and their reliable reputation is another thing that can speak volumes.

Hiring professional holiday lighting services is the best way to install holiday lights on a parking lot pole. If you want to try installing it yourself, make sure that your company’s poles will hold them up. Some companies use heavier gauge steel than others – usually the older buildings are better because overall they’re sturdier and more sound than newer ones with vinyl siding and lightweight materials.

Special thanks to our friends at A+ Lighting. You can find more about them here:

Christmas light installation cost varies based on where the lights are being installed, but there are a couple of underlying factors to keep in mind before you make any assumptions. For example, running wire from the source point to the lights is going to be more expensive than just running wire straight from an outlet or fuse box. Also, what type of wire is needed? Finally, most installers charge by the foot so it’s important to take note of how many feet they will need. The total price therefore will vary depending on these factors and therefore cannot be calculated easily without an assessment by a professional installer which can then provide an accurate quote.

-Thanks to VividLux in Orlando, FL for this great information!

If the lights are just not working, it could be a problem with the outlet or with the wiring. Try plugging something else into the outlet to see if it’s working, and check to make sure all of the wires are plugged in securely.

If you’ve determined that it’s a problem with the lights themselves, then you can try fixing them yourself or take them to a professional. If you’re comfortable doing electrical work, then you can try fixing the wires or replacing the light bulbs. If you’re not comfortable doing electrical work, then take them to a professional Christmas light installer who can fix them for you.

*The above info was generously provided to us from Get Lit Lighting in Madison WI.

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