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#1 Christmas Light Installation In Long Neck, DE

Give Your Family The Best Christmas Ever

Christmas is undoubtedly the most magical time of year. And one of the main aspects that makes it so magical is the lights! Christmas lights have the power to brighten up your home, your neighbor, and most importantly, your family’s faces! At We Light Stuff Up, we specialize in high-quality, reliable Christmas Light Installation In Long Neck, DE. For years, our company has been creating the perfect Christmas for families in the area. Our expert design team is here to help you find the design that will truly transform your home. Our trained and skilled team is here to install your holiday lights carefully and swiftly. And our customer service team is here to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with our work. Your home will look more special and magical than ever with our high-grade, affordable lights and decorations. Give your family the best Christmas ever with the help of We Light Stuff Up!

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Our Christmas Light Installation Is All Inclusive

Our Entire Process Explained In 5 Steps

1. Free Custom Design & Quote

At We Light Stuff Up, we have a specialist design team who are here to help you create the perfect light design for your property. You have access to this team free of charge, and you can ask them to have as little or as much input as you want. After you have settled on a design, we then draw up a free quote so you can see our fantastic prices beforehand. Since this whole process is free of charge and without obligation, you have nothing to lose!

2. We Provide All Lights & Supplies

When you use We Light Stuff Up for your Christmas lights and decorations, you don’t have to supply a thing. We have everything already needed to complete your design and transform your home. Even down to the final nail. Never again will you have to waste time in busy stores tru¡ying to hunt down all your supplies. With our services, you save time, money, and most importantly, there’s not an ounce of stress involved for you.

3. Safe & Professional Installation

Not every company is going to take care of your home during the installation process. Due to them not being experienced enough, not having the right tools, or cutting corners, homeowners can often find themselves having to deal with poor work and damage to their property. However, when you use We Light Stuff Up, you never have to worry about this happening! Our team is fully trained and qualified to carry out a safe, professional, and effective light installation. Between the training and high-quality equipment, we assure you your home is safe!

4. Free Maintenance Calls If Needed

There’s nothing more frustrating than a bulb breaking on your Christmas lights. When one blows or starts to flicker, you then have to deal with fixing it, wasting more time and money. However, since all the lights you receive from We Light Stuff Up are under warranty, if you ever experience any issues such as a broken bulb, lighting knocked out of place, or anything else, we’ll fix it for you! Give us a call to report the problem, and we’ll come out when convenient to solve it for you free of charge!

5. Safely Remove & Store Everything

Once the holiday period is over, the lights need to come down! And that’s when we come back! We’ll arrange a time that fits your lifestyle to come and remove the lights just as safely and carefully as we installed them. We’ll take everything away with as little disturbance as possible to your day. We’ll also store your lights in our own facilities and keep them safely ready for when you need them again next year. With our storage facilities, you never have to use up your own home or garage for storage!

Make Your Home The Talk Of The Neighborhood

Professional Christmas Light Installation Delmarva

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Real Reviews From Happy Customers

What Your Neighbors Are Saying About us

Christmas Light Installation In Long Neck, DE

Prompt, professional and courteous. The install was worth every dollar spent. The installers were spot on. I would highly recommend Delmarva Christmas Lights. ​

Richard Owens

Christmas Light Installation In Long Neck, DE

The company and personnel responded quickly and professionally to our request. They did great work giving us a beautiful display, far better than I did in the past The result also is neat such that you must search for the wiring and connections. We look to work with them again. I highly recommend their Christmas Light Installation service

David Mitchell

Christmas Light Installation In Long Neck, DE

The lights are awesome! This is our second year using We Light Stuff Up Christmas Lighting service and we are very pleased with the outcome and professional service. I am happy to recommend them. ​

John Dicarlo

Frequently Asked Christmas Lighting Questions

Yes! We remove the lights, just as carefully as we installed them, after the holidays wherever it’s convenient for you! Because our Christmas Light Installation In Long Neck, DE is all-inclusive, we deal with every aspect of the process from beginning to end.

Yes! All of our lights are under warranty while they are at your home! This means that if you have any problems, from a broken bulb to lighting that’s been knocked out of place, we’ll come to your home and fix the problem free of charge. However, since our lighting is professional and high-grade, this kind of situation is very rare!

At We Light Stuff Up, to ensure your whole property is covered, we offer decorations and lighting for your home and your landscape. That means you can choose to have only one area of your home lit up or all of it. We have the perfect lights for your lawn, your driveways, and even your trees. Just get in touch to see our extensive range!

We are! At We Light Stuff Up, we are fully licensed and insured for all the work we do! We’ll never carry out any work we’re not insured or licensed for, so you don’t have to worry! Unfortunately, not every company that offers these services takes it as seriously as we do, and the homeowner can end up having to deal with financial or legal issues because of it. So, use We Light Stuff Up for a safe and secure service.

We calculate the final cost of the job based on your requirements. That’s why we take some information beforehand and give you access to our professional design team so you can create your final design. Once we have this information, we’ll put together a free, personalized quote for our all-inclusive Christmas Light Installation In Long Neck, DE, and you’ll be able to see our incredible prices yourself. Don’t forget, our quotes never include any hidden costs or extra fees. You only ever pay for what you need!

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