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Holiday Lighting Company: Tips for Installing Lights

Installing holiday lighting can be a fun family activity. It’s also a great way to get in the holiday mood and introduce your kids to some of the traditions you grew up with. There are many different types of lights out there, from LED, incandescent, and vintage-looking bulbs to wire lights and string light sets. Read on for some helpful tips by holiday lighting company on how to install these lights properly!

Holiday lighting has been used for years during the holiday season. Families love decorating their homes and yards to spread a little cheer. There are several different types of lights available, so choose wisely!

Professional Holiday Lighting Services
Professional Holiday Lighting Services

The LED variety – is one of the most popular styles because they use less electricity than other bulbs, allowing them to last longer. They also remain cool even when left on for a long time or handled by children, making them pretty kid-proof! They come in many different colors, from traditional white to more festive shades like red and green.

Vintage-looking bulbs and wire light sets enhance the atmosphere of a room, making holiday lighting a great choice for your main living spaces. If you don’t want to put up too many decorations, choose something simple like white or blue icicle lights to dress up your roofline. You can also string them across railings and along with porch floors for a beautiful railing display that is sure to impress!

Finally, traditional electric cords with small clear bulbs are still available if you prefer something more traditional. These aren’t as popular for outdoor use since they are easily blown down by the wind, but they can be used to brighten up indoor entryways and staircases with their warm glow.

No matter what type of lights you choose to display, make sure to keep safety in mind when installing them. Before setting anything up, map out the area to determine where each strand will go so you avoid accidental overlapping. If planning on using wire lights outside, sink all GFCI outlets into the ground before putting up any cords at all. This will protect your entire display from power surges that could damage your equipment or even cause a fire! Also, limit how far apart your strands are spaced so children and pets can’t fit between them.

Once you’ve mapped everything out, begin by laying down your cords and taking note of any areas where it’s worn or frayed. If you’re using this outside, make sure the ground is clear of sticks and rocks that would trip up pedestrians. Have an extra set of the hands-on decks to help? Have one person hold the strand above while the other secures its base into the ground with stakes or sandbags to keep it in place. Once all your strands are secure, trim away any excess cord that could cause a tripping hazard or damage to your display after prolonged exposure to weather. If you have kids, don’t forget about their safety as well! Set aside sometime before bedtime to explain the dangers of touching cords and make sure they stay clear of them at all times.

That’s all there is to it! Celebrate in style this holiday season with these helpful tips.

Professional Holiday Lighting Company
Professional Holiday Lighting
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